The videos below are a true MRI of the diamonds with full transparency at 11 - 15 power as you’re looping it with a microscope. Other websites do not show inclusions with full transparency and education.

4975 Diamonds

Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Fluorescence Depth Table Measurement Lab Polish Symmetry Stock No.
Marquise 1.01 N/A H SI1 Medium (M) 0.0 0 0.00x0.00x0.00 GIA Good Good E38040-02
Round 0.61 N/A J VS2 N/A 63.1 0 5.38x5.34x3.38 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E56098
Round 5.02 Very Good J SI1 Strong (S) 0.0 0 10.74x10.87x6.82 GIA Good Very Good D60318
Marquise 0.55 N/A H SI2 N/A 0.0 0 0.00x0.00x0.00 GIA N/A N/A E37987-12
Oval 1.03 N/A I SI2 N/A 0.0 0 0.00x0.00x0.00 GIA N/A N/A E37875
Princess 1.20 N/A I VS2 None (N) 0.0 0 5.56x5.63x4.36 GIA Very Good Good D56843
Radiant 1.62 N/A None VS2 N/A 0.0 0 0.00x0.00x0.00 GIA N/A N/A E38872-01
Cushion 1.03 N/A G SI1 N/A 0.0 0 0.00x0.00x0.00 GIA N/A N/A E37882-01
Princess 1.03 Ideal J I1 None (N) 74.1 0 5.49x5.44x4.03 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E55958
Cushion 4.01 N/A G VS1 None (N) 68.7 0 10.04x8.55x5.87 GIA Very Good Good D55411
Round 1.07 N/A H I1 N/A 0.0 0 0.00x0.00x0.00 GIA N/A N/A E37878
Marquise 3.18 N/A I VS1 None (N) 0.0 0 14.70x7.80x4.71 EGLUSA N/A N/A E51452A
Princess 1.00 N/A G I1 Medium (M) 0.0 0 5.58x5.31x4.04 EGLUSA Good Good E55693
Round 0.70 Very Good J VS1 None (N) 63.7 0 5.59x5.55x3.55 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E55951
Radiant 3.02 N/A None SI1 N/A 0.0 0 0.00x0.00x0.00 GIA N/A N/A E38872-02
Round 1.22 Excellent J VS2 Faint (F) 6.8 7 6.82x6.78x4.25 GIA Excellent Excellent D56567
Round 1.12 Very Good F I1 None (N) 58.8 15 6.71x6.66x3.93 EGLUSA Excellent Excellent E24372-48F
Pear 1.50 N/A H VS2 None (N) 61.3 45 10.21x6.26x3.84 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E37534
Marquise 0.72 N/A F SI2 Medium (M) 56.3 46 9.05x4.81x2.71 GIA Good Good E38749-02
Oval 7.11 N/A J SI1 Faint (F) 66.3 46 14.82x10.47x6.94 GIA Very Good Good D56201
Marquise 0.44 N/A H I1 Faint (F) 65.4 49 8.18x3.80x2.48 GIA Very Good Good E38437-08
Marquise 0.63 N/A E SI2 None (N) 66.9 49 7.80x4.50x3.01 GIA Very Good Good E38699-02
Marquise 0.72 N/A H I1 Faint (F) 59.6 49 10.22x4.56x2.72 GIA Good Good E38332-06
Oval 1.21 N/A G SI2 Strong (S) 65.5 50 8.38x5.48x3.59 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E37310-07
Pear 0.80 N/A I SI1 None (N) 55.5 50 8.93x5.08x2.82 GIA Very Good Good E38217
Marquise 0.83 N/A G SI1 None (N) 66.8 50 10.07x4.77x3.18 GIA Good Good E37566-01
Marquise 2.51 N/A E SI1 Strong (S) 68.1 50 13.07x6.78x4.62 GIA Very Good Good E34206
Marquise 1.00 N/A H VS1 None (N) 69.1 50 10.04x4.95x3.42 GIA Very Good Good E37540
Oval 0.90 N/A I SI2 None (N) 51.8 50 7.64x5.50x2.85 GIA Very Good Good E37379-18
Pear 1.10 N/A J SI2 Faint (F) 53.8 50 9.22x5.86x3.15 GIA Very Good Very Good E37904-10
Oval 1.00 N/A I I1 Medium (M) 72.0 51 7.10x5.09x3.67 GIA Very Good Good E38874-20
Oval 0.90 N/A H VS2 None (N) 59.7 51 7.27x5.22x3.12 GIA Very Good Good E37085
Pear 1.01 N/A F SI1 None (N) 65.4 51 8.92x5.44x3.56 GIA Very Good Good E38821
Pear 1.01 N/A H SI2 None (N) 60.4 51 8.52x5.58x3.37 GIA Very Good Good E38894-03
Round 1.01 N/A E SI3 None (N) 63.2 51 6.32x6.27x3.98 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E36205-14
Round 0.80 Very Good G SI2 Faint (F) 63.9 51 5.80x5.86x3.72 GIA Excellent Good E38733-02
Oval 2.01 N/A I SI2 None (N) 67.2 51 9.68x6.80x4.57 EGLUSA Very Good Good E28767U
Pear 1.21 N/A G SI2 None (N) 62.2 51 8.70x5.94x3.69 GIA Good Good E37406
Oval 3.50 N/A I SI1 Faint (F) 59.7 52 11.64x8.30x4.96 GIA Excellent Very Good E38620
Round 0.70 N/A D SI2 None (N) 63.0 52 5.63x5.56x3.52 GIA Excellent Very Good E38526-15
Oval 1.70 N/A G SI1 Medium (M) 65.1 52 8.88x6.36x4.14 GIA Very Good Good E33510-01
Round 0.50 N/A J SI1 None (N) 61.4 52 5.10x5.07x3.12 GIA Very Good Excellent E37724-128
Round 0.70 N/A D SI1 Faint (F) 62.5 52 5.69x5.61x3.53 EGLUSA Excellent Very Good E37646-04
Round 1.02 N/A H VS2 None (N) 64.1 52 6.42x6.31x4.08 GIA Very Good Very Good E38366
Oval 2.16 N/A G SI2 Medium (M) 63.7 52 9.81x7.06x4.50 GIA Very Good Very Good E31978-09
Oval 1.50 N/A G SI1 Strong (S) 66.1 52 8.25x6.41x4.23 GIA Excellent Very Good E37351-09
Oval 1.34 N/A G SI2 None (N) 63.8 52 8.52x6.11x3.90 GIA Very Good Very Good E38587-49
Round 1.06 N/A E I1 N/A 62.5 52 6.40x6.36x3.99 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E36151-05
Oval 1.02 N/A E SI2 None (N) 58.4 52 7.76x5.53x3.23 GIA Very Good Good E37357-01
Oval 1.50 N/A H SI1 None (N) 62.9 52 8.66x6.19x3.89 GIA Excellent Very Good E36627